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SOURCE Visuals Label

SOURCE is a visuals label producing top quality visual content which is licensed for performance. SOURCE is for anyone who wants to enhance a performance or enliven an environment.
Our customers are VJ's who create live visual performances, DJ's who augment their sets with visuals, Light Jockeys and NightClub/Bar/Discoteque Managers and Event Promotors who update their venues with fresh imagery themed for their space or evening.

SOURCE visuals are produced by a team of artists from around the world, including award winning directors, professional VJ's, architects, software engineers and scientists.
Our visual releases are formatted to be used by everyone. Our clips are available in Quicktime .MOV and Windows .AVI format, and available in 320x240, 640x480 and higher resolutions.

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We created SOURCE because we VJ.
While preparing visuals shows we realized there was a shortage of good content, and decided to create and distribute our own.

Hundreds of records come out every year expressly for mixing by DJs. A large community of music lovers produce songs, mix music as djs, and simply enjoy listening to music.
Motion graphics and video are an amazing, versatile, and potent medium.
With SOURCE we hope to contribute to and promote the parallel visual community by providing high-quality content in a usable and intelligent format.
We've been doing it since 2001.


Format: Download
Flex your bandwidth! Download visuals to save money, plastic, packaging and time. Downloads are available immediately after purchase. Note that downloads are only available if you have a fast internet connection because the files are very big. The files are large because they are optimized for VJ performance*.

Downloads are available in two flavors, .MOV Quicktime files and .AVI Windows files.
Customers can download either format or both. Downloads are available for four days after the first download.

*What does "optimized for VJ performance" mean? It means that the video codecs we use are easy on the computers processor so that it can more easily play multiple video simultaniously. Also, interframe compression is not used, which means every image is included in the video. This is what allows the clips to be able to smoothly play backwards and to be scratch-able.

SOURCE License

The owner of a SOURCE video is licensed to use it in live performances of any kind.However, the video is copyright of the artists and cannot be resold in whole or in part without written consent of the artist.

When you purchase SOURCE visuals, you receive a public performance license for the purchased visuals. Note that the visuals are not "royalty-free", they are copyright of the artists and cannot be resold in whole or in part.

With the purchase of SOURCE visuals, you are granted the right of public performance of the video clips in any type of performance in any one venue with no restriction. You may only use the video clips in one venue at a time. For multiple venue use, please purchase multiple clip copies. You may make copies of the video clips for your own convenience and backup purposes, but the copies may not be shared with other people or organizations and may not be made available online.

You may create video mixes of the video clips with any other material for use in public performance, and for your own pleasure.
Please contact us to discuss licensing SOURCE visuals for your project.

Thank you for supporting us and our visual artists!

Artist Submissions

Create your own Media
One of our goals with SOURCE is to create a model for VJ media that is both affordable to purchase and affordable to create.

If you make something hot, distribute it to others. If you like Dandelion Collective's energy and goals, consider publishing it with us.We would like to see samples of your work (either as a DVD, FTP download, or link to online videos) and hear about your concept for a SOURCE release.
Contact us.

Custom Visuals and Consulting

Custom Visuals
Looking for custom visuals for your special event? How about visuals tailored specifically to match the theme, style and color palette of your venue? Want to spice up your theme night?

We can do that.
If the available SOURCE titles don't match your need, get in touch and let us craft visuals specifically for you.

Visuals Consulting
Do you want to install or upgrade a visual system in your venue? Make sure you put in a system that really works for your specific needs, whether that is automatic playback, vj or dj controlled playback, or both. We'll make sure you get the right display equipment, playback setup, and visual content at a price that matches your budget.

Company Info

SOURCE Visuals was born as a project of dandelion collective artist group.
The project is run by the company Den of Photons, licensed in Washington State, USA.


Company contact:
SOURCE Contact Page

Want to keep up to date on the lastest SOURCE releases?
Join the SOURCE List.

Web Resources

For information on video mixing, visit:

- Our quick intro for new vjs.

- all kinds of good info and the latest news.

- active message board, helpful community.

- interviews and mixes from visuals pioneers.

- chaotic collection of video mixing links and resources and a gargantuan (fairly outdated)
list of software mixers and other visuals programs.

- email list for vjs.

- site with information on creating DVDs and VideoCDs.

Support / Troubleshooting / Indeo

Our AVI files on earlier releases are encoded with the Indeo 5.1 codec for maximum VJ performance.
(New releases use MJPEG.) Unfortunately, recent versions of Windows no longer include this Codec. DOH!
So if you are having any trouble playing your AVI files on Windows - please try the following instructions:

Download an archive of the Indeo 5.1 codec here: Download
INSTALL AS FOLLOWS! (otherwise the installer will hang while looking for Netscape.)
  1. Double-click the installation file
  2. Choose Custom set up. A number of options will appear
  3. Scroll down the list to Web Browser Plugin
  4. UNCHECK Web Browser Plugin
  5. Follow prompts to the finish
  6. Now your AVI clips should play fine.

Still got questions? Contact us!