Alchemy - Netzair
Netzair'z back with another spectacular pack. Available in 1080p Full HD.
-April 20, 2012

Mute Salad - lucidhouse
Lucidhouse delivers a new dish of lush, suprising, surreal, freakout in his 3rd Source Visuals delicacy.
-July 4, 2011

Voltage - Rebel Overlay
Boom Boom! Feel the shock-waves.
-March 3, 2011

WMC Sponsorship
We're happy to support the Winter Music Conference VJ Battle again this year. Good luck battlers!
-February 26, 2011

The Perfect Stone - topherZ
Perfectly Stoned
-November 6, 2009

Electrology:003 - Micology
Freakin' Flashy
-November 6, 2009

Micromix and Clipsurf
On each release page you can now mix the clips right in the browser.
Fun(ky) shit!
-October 1, 2009

MICROTECH.2 - Rebel Overlay
The rebellious overlay strikes back with a smashing sequel. GET YER TECH!
-October 1, 2009

Invaders - Pointless Creations
The definition of RETRO. We're psyched to welcome innovators Pointless Creations to the SOURCE label these guys are always up to something new. (Or old).
-October 1, 2009

High-energy detailed motion graphic collages.
-July 1, 2009

Variax - Lucidhouse
Where is my mind?
-July 1, 2009

SOURCE Sponsors WMC VJ Challenge
We were psyched to promote the VJ world through sponsorship of the new annual event.
-March 25, 2009

Visuals software heavyweight Arkaos invited SOURCE Visuals to provide sample clips to help their new media server system Media Master shine. We were happy to oblige.
More Info
Shiny PDF
-March 01, 2009

NU NEON - Rebel Overlay
Forget 2009, party like its 1989.
-December 31, 2008

Nirvana Drive - kemu & topherZ
The sequel to Angkor. Precision SpaceLapse visuals from the templescape of ancient Bagan in Burma
-December 31, 2008

MICROTECH - Rebel Overlay
If you liked the electrology releases - take a look at this one. Raw, bold visuals in hot colors to drive screens like they should be.
-November 2, 2008

AirVision - Netzair
Wicked future-graffiti forms to twist your mind and make the clubbers go "ooooooooh".
-November 2, 2008

SOURCE Quantity Discount.
We've added a bonus along with our two new releases:
SOURCE Quantity Discount. Buy any 3 releases, save 10%. 4, save 15%. 6, save 20%. Buy 10, save 25%!
-July 15, 2008

ELECTROLOGY:002 - He's back! VJ Micology delivers the goods with another pack to rock the party / block / stadium.
-June 25, 2008

Faster Bigger Better More - Technology overload, civilization over and out, and it sure looks good. Award winning visuals from Dominic Lyddon.
-June 25, 2008

ELECTROLOGY - Brand new minimal, sexy, ghetto-tech visuals from Australian VJ Micology.
-September 23, 2007

Velocity London from dr. mo and EarthShock from Jugular Filmes
Two new SOURCE releases! Powerful, beautiful, original... and downloadable.
-June 20, 2007

SOURCE Website - Gen 4
The newest Generation of SOURCE. The evolution continues, flex your bandwidth with digital downloads. We've come along way from the VJ media of choice in 2001: VHS Tapes. Hope you like the new site stylin'.
Still a part of dandelion collective but now we got our very own domain name:
-June 20, 2007

SOURCE supports OPTICLASH VJ battle in Seattle.
Coming up in June! Kick they asses, win DVD's!
-March 23, 2007

New SOURCE releases are on their way,
negotiations underway with two new artists. Excitement.
-March 20, 2007

New release: SPIN
topherZ gettin you dizzy.
-January 1, 2006

New release: SUMBIENT
Lucious new visuals from a new artist: LucidHouse
-December 15, 2005

Always happy to be hyping the scene.
-September 29, 2005

OPTRONICA shows "ImagePark" remix by SOURCE artists kemu and topherZ
London AudioVisual festival organized by visual jedi includes an AV work by source artists. Stay tuned for clips to find their way onto a release in the near (far?) future. Think Burma.
-July 20, 2005

We're psyched to partner with top class Resolume VJ Software. Free demo SOURCE clips included with Resolume download, and theyre pimpin our clips!
-June 1, 2005

MMMM, pause VJ Rocks. We are proud of him! Check out his heavy heavy source release, deconstruct.
-May 6, 2005

New release: TUNNELS
symbio is back with a beautiful fast psychedelic journey on 2 disks.
-April 28, 2005

New release: DECONSTRUCT
Wicked and inventive release from new artist: pause VJ
-April 28, 2005

We were proud to pitch in a bunch of DVD's for the prize lottery at AVIT in Birmingham. It was a great event. Sweet to finally meet up with people from the website.
-April 24, 2005

CINETRIP VJ TOURNAMENT: kemu and topherZ take 2nd place
in the premixed video event "VJ OPUS" with their video "ImagePark". Excellent event in Budapest, Hungary.
-March 21, 2004

And before that, who can keep track???? Oh yeah...

SOURCE Launches
dandelion collective visual launches a new concept - visuals for VJ's with 2 releases: DEGENESIS.1 and ELEMENTAL.
-April 20, 2001